Our Counseling Service

Customized Counseling Sessions focused on Listening, Exploring & Resolving

In this busy world, where everyone has an opinion and wants to say something,  many times, we struggle to find those who can actually listen. This service helps you just share your feelings and emotions without any judgement whatsoever and 100% confidentiality. 

The discussions are focused on listening and helping you review alternative perspectives, that may be blindsiding you. We all have most answers to our questions. We just fail to see these answers due to the multiple layers of pain, hurt, overwhelming emotions and more covering over them.

Our aim during the discussion is help you remove those layers so you can see the answers that you already had.

Want to explore? Book an appointment. 

Disclaimer: In situations where such guidance or help may be required, we recommend you book a session with our Clinical Psychologist.


Our Coaches/Counselors


Bhavani Akundi

Coach/ Assessing Counselor
Certified Corporate Coach, Practitioner of 'Emotional Intelligence',  '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' and 'Positive Intelligence'.

I bring my 15+ years of corporate experience as a behavioral coach and my passion of helping children, as a former teacher, in identifying the practical challenges of life our clients bring to us. I strongly believe in the power of empathic listening and it being a starting point to any healing process.

Being a homemaker, caretaker and a mother of two teenagers, I have had real time exposure and experience of the mental health challenges people face at various stages of their life.

I assess a client's actual needs using intent listening and empathic communication to ensure we surface the real problem that may be hidden. I also use psychological and behavioral assessments and questionnaires to make the need assessment process effective and a good experience for the client.

Specialist in  - Empathic Listening, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Intelligence.


Anamika Khanna a.k.a. Ariana

Founder/ Counselor
Certified Counseling Psychologist, Certified Animal Communicator, Certified Corporate Coach, Practitioner of 'Emotional Intelligence',  '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' and 'Positive Intelligence'.

I am working professional, dedicating my weekends for counseling sessions with an ambition to help those who need them the most.

Between beginning to feel inexplicable emotional imbalance and being diagnosed with a clinical condition, there is a space. This space I believe, if used effectively, can help retain the emotional balance and improve things. This is the mission I am on. I have been fortunate to enable multiple people learn more about themselves, alter mindsets and perspectives, bring balance to their emotions through cognitive behavior therapy, Gratitude, Mindfulness and meditations. I now have 8 + years of informal counseling experience, 2 + years of formal counseling and multiple testimonials. 

Specialist in  - Gratitude, Mindfulness, Emotional Balance and Stability, Forgiveness, Inner Peace.

Keerthi Aditya

Clinical Psychologist and Trauma Specialist

Credentials: Clinical Psychologist with 10+ years of practicing experience in Australia and USA.

My treatment focus is to use therapy as a tool to help people bring more vitality into their lives and my approach is relied on authentic engagement and honest observation.


I am skilled to help individuals understand more about their patterns of thinking, ways they respond to their emotions, how they interpret situations, and what underlying beliefs they have about themselves and others. I am also very passionate to help people navigate through the complexities of past trauma using compassion, trust, and empowerment. Whatever brings you to therapy, I look forward to talking to you, connecting with you, building a safe space, and collaboratively working with you to help you reach your goals.  

Specialist in: Therapy for Adults, Therapy for Families, Therapy for Teens, Psychological Testing, Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations including forensic assessments.