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Counseling Testimonials - Keerthi

The counsel we provide, requires utmost trust and confidentiality.

Counseling is a private matter and details of beneficiaries shouldn't be shared.

Here are testimonials from few of those, whose well-being, positivity and individual growth I am blessed to be able to contribute to.

Deeply grateful to be a useful medium. Following are some testimonials written by the grateful souls we have been healing through our counseling sessions.  

Counseling Testimonials: About Me


Counseling since December'22
(Name changed)

I am blessed to finally get myself therapy, Keerthi has always been all ears and constantly curious to whatever I have to share with her. Besides being non-judgmental and an active listener, she has always come up with techniques for me to follow. Finally focusing on the solution, and guiding me through it. I'm glad I found a space where I can express myself freely and grow, simultaneously. 

My friends seem to have seen difference in me too. 

I'm happy I'm investing money in something that is bringing a change in me. 

Thank you Keerthi!

Counseling Testimonials: Welcome
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