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My Journey towards a Purposeful Life

The Chosen One

For years I kept searching for a meaning in my living, the true purpose for my existence.

The journey of exploring one's passion and purpose is never easy, it can create

many confusions, questions and even lead to self doubt. My prime focus through this

journey was to identify what my soul is seeking and for that, I needed to connect

better with it. I needed to slow down, and speak less, to be able to listen more, especially to my innermost voice.

It was like peeling of an onion, with one layer coming out at a time, till I could reach that core of me which had the potential to enable my rendezvous with my true self.


Once I did meet myself, the real me, it is rather difficult to explain the ecstatic feeling, the calm, serenity and peace I experienced. Through this process, I learned that we all have all the answers we are seeking, right within us. Unfortunately we are so engrossed with the outside, that we fail to even recognize the power of our within, let alone explore and experience it.


The more I learned about myself, the clearer my purpose in life became. It all revolved around service, love, compassion and gratitude. And when I brought it all together, it began to make sense on the steps I should take to implement this purpose in my everyday living. I became confident that the meaning of this life of mine was to spread the message of love and compassion, to help people meet their truest selves and to encourage making gratitude, a way of life.


First, I started with writing blogs, and as my thinking became clearer, I started writing quotes and phrases. As I heard back from those who began joining me in my journey, I realized not many enjoy reading, and so I started my videos and later podcasts. We slowly formed a small group and conducted few discussion forums on various topics like depression, resilience and more. With so many parallel modalities, I knew I had to bring it all together in one place. Hence LoveLiveLearn came into existence in 2019 through a Facebook page first and then on other platforms.


This website is my gift to my soul on the day it accepted this human form. To encourage her to keep inspiring me, and guiding me on this path to spreading positivity in this world.


If you connect with my passion, my purpose, or feel I can help guide you to lead a better and more peaceful life, join my journey. Do check the few philanthropic services I currently offer.

Come, walk with me!


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