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Hi Anamika,

You’ve always been an inspiration to me and will always be. You are a strong woman and a loving person. I want to take this opportunity to share with everyone that you are one of those people who made a strong impression in my life.

When I was working in Nisum, you were giving a session to all the women. I was going through a rough time at the time, in fact, it was the lowest point in my life. You were talking and you glanced at me for a moment and you immediately knew that something was not right with me. That night, you texted me on my mobile asking me if everything was alright with me.

Not even my parents and my closest people around me sensed that. I was so touched and will never forget how comforting that one text made me feel, that someone actually cared enough to ask me how I am doing. Thank you for that and I’ll always remember how you made me feel. And for that one reason, I’m forever grateful to you and will always be a huge fan of yours.

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Divya Ravikanthi

Great things come to you when you are Grateful and so was my interaction with Anamika and Lovelivelearn.

I am a positive person who strongly believes in the power of gratitude, affirmations, visualization and other tool that help in introspection to being a better human being along with changing life’s of many more. But its this platform that has given a direction to my understanding, practice and a push to do better than what I could imagine. Talking to Anamika helped me understanding the importance of Love and selfless giving. I am super excited and looking forward to more opportunities in associating with Lovelivelearn, learning more and giving much more.

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Sonia Das

Anamika has been my mentor since 2015; first at work, then in life.

She's one person who'll guide you but never restrict you, she'll show you the way but never inhibit your growth, she'll teach you to read but reading is your prerogative. I've learnt to deal with the biggest life lessons from her. She's someone I'll reach out to when a new lesson comes my way.

Thank you, Ana.

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Jana Mieresova

Ariana is the real friend, the one who is hard to find.

She is the sunshine, energy booster, and never ending support for her family and friends. She is the person who will listen to you, ask questions and help you understand yourself. She will guide you, bring you knowledge and resources, which you were not aware of. For example, I have participated in one of LoveLiveLearn's initiatives called 'Gratitude Circle'. She has designed the circle with various activities to support your inner reflection. She has facilitated my experience and followed up with me on my progress. When I have de-prioritized myself, she brought my attention back to the importance of my well-being. There is still a long way ahead for me, and I am blessed to know that Ariana will be there to support me. I am excited to see her launch the LoveLiveLearn website as another way to reach and positively impact more people!

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Sailaja Dash

Not every time you have the solutions to your problems and that thing keeps revolving in your mind until, it finds a way to be dealt with.


LoveLiveLearn is one such initiative that helped me look at problems with a positive perspective rather than being worried. It lives up to its name with awesome phrases & quotes.

Love - teaches you to keep loving yourself, no matter what.

Live - live your life with loads of love & positivity, life is beautiful.

Learn - reminds us that every tough situation is a new learning and makes us only stronger that before.

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Nagendra Prasad

Problems are part of life.

Those who stand by us, Support, Comfort and create resistance within us to battle the circumstance are "Super Legends". They have special super power to change the direction of the problem to give a positive end. I am lucky to have a one of "Super Hero" in my life's journey "Ariana". She is an experienced guide, support and a mentor always. In few challenging circumstances where I was struck, she has been a trusted friend with whom, and I can straightforwardly talk about circumstance for direction. She is a “Super Human” who is passionate about society welfare, to help and support people around her in needy situation will always stay as inspiration to me.

My heartfelt Gratitude to you for this selfless service and humbleness. Thank you for being a wonderful friend, guide, mentor, motivator in my life’s journey. -

Thank you! You stay as inspiration to many of us.

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(name changed)

I was in search of peace from a very long time and a big thanks to you for changing and shaping my life for a better direction.

I have got a biggest motive now. I was going through post-partum depression and was highly disturbed with certain people and things going around. You taught me to love myself. Cannot Thank you enough for this!

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A brilliant effort by a selfless soul to enable everyone else to find themselves and be grateful for everything they have..

She is supporting others so they don't have to struggle the way she did, returning back to the Universe all the wisdom she got from hardships when she was all alone.

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(name changed)

Appreciate your FB Gratitude Posts; eye opener for many. Thank you Ana.

Wanted to share with you, from a few days, a person's thoughts were popping constantly. After reading your post, first thing I did was to call him next day and offered help. Honestly, it was not in my plan. After speaking to him I realized that he was in desperate need.

Realized that I was a mediator to reach out to him in his needs. I still can't believe the whole incident. God has his own ways to reach out to his children.

That person made me realize and taught me again the meaning of Gratitude. His expression left me speechless. Learnt Gratitude Lesson in a beautiful way.

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(name changed)

You are such an inspiration to me. Love whatever you do may its a post, an activity, a learning, anything for that matter.

Stones of Meaning
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(name changed)

Just wanted to tell that you are truly an inspiration.
I have been regularly reading your stories and your contributions towards society. It's amazing.

Christmas Gift
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(name changed)

Ana di,
I love reading your posts and really admire great initiatives you take. I always look up to you.

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(name changed)

Knowing you for so many years, I admire you for never giving up in life. And today I admit that I ave always silently read your posts about forgiving people and living with gratitude and trust me that has helped me overcome some of my fears and insecurities. Not completely, but yet I got better and I call it improvement.
Thank you!

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