From Grieving to Healing

8 years ago. With a drastic change in my life, I started on an inward journey. A journey to explore and understand myself, the true essence of me, my existence and my purpose... clearer.

Today, with every loss thereafter, I have grown a little bit more as an individual, at a spiritual level. Having lost both sets of my parents- those who gave me birth, and those who brought me up; recent loss of my closest aunt, another mother figure and my dearest friend... I have learned a lot from life and death. I am yet to reach a stage where I can give better words to my thoughts on this.

Till then, for all you loving souls, grieving a loss... - Grieve all you want, just don't simply mourn. Find a purpose or a tribute or an inspiration, something you can do in your life to keep them alive, in your thoughts, in your deeds.

- Acknowledge your emotion owing to the loss. We all respond to it differently. It can be anger, sorrow, grief, confusion, worry, fear, guilt or anything else... it is ok to have any emotional response to it. The only thing you want to be careful about, is to not let it engulf you.

- Accept the reality. While a loss can bring multiple emotions, it can leave with a lot of questions that won't have answers you can find immediately. Why me, why now, and many more. Acceptance of the situation, of the loss, of the lack of answers, will help you move ahead in life.

- Release! Don't hold the lingering emotional state within you. Don't let it become your accomplice. Don't find refuge in it. Don't begin to enjoy its company. Don't believe it's false promises of protecting you. None of these are helpful to you in long term. So meet them, greet them and let them go.

- Heal your soul. Don't let the pain of the body and the sorrow of the emotional mind stress out your soul. It is free of this all. And if you connect with it, you will know it wants to only flow. Don't bind it down to the forceful responses and reactions of your body and mind. Allow your soul to instead guide you, and sooner or later, you will find peace.

This is what I have learned in 8 years of losing you mamma. And every single day since then, I have tried to embody your life lessons and be a fraction of the loving person that you were. I am at peace because I know I have you, and all other loving souls I have lost, as my guiding angels.

Rab Raakha ! 🙏🤲

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