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Amit Pasrija

Financial Wellness Coach

Credentials: Insurance and Finance expert with 3 decades of experience

I'm Amit and I have dedicated nearly three decades of my career to the insurance and insurance technology industry. Recently, I made a life-altering decision to embark on an entrepreneurial journey of my own. This bold step was made possible by my unwavering commitment to financial discipline throughout my life, enabling me to amass the wealth necessary to take this leap.

My journey has reinforced my belief in the fundamental importance of financial well-being as a prerequisite to achieving true financial freedom. I have personally practiced this principle, and it has guided me successfully thus far. As I've grown both personally and professionally, I've developed a deep passion for assisting others in their pursuit of financial well-being.


My mission is to empower individuals to attain financial peace, allowing them to focus on their life's purpose rather than constantly chasing financial stability.

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