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Our Commitment

At LoveLiveLearn, we put client confidentiality and non-judgmental listening at the center of everything we do. The nature of our work involves personal and even private information at times, that clients share with our therapists during their one on one discussions. These discussions are help confidentially, and not recorded to respect and retain client confidentiality. 

Client Consent & Agreement

We respect and honor the privacy and confidentiality of all our clients. Following are our consent terms that are communicated to, and agreed with our clients, at the onset of every one on one counseling or therapy plan. 



All communication and treatment services offered to clients are held strictly confidential. Information may be released to clients, when

1. the client signs a written release indicating consent to release;

2. if the client participates in family or marriage counseling sessions, we follow a “no secrets” policy, which means we will use information obtained in an individual session or telephone conversation, when working with other member of the family or the relationship, at our discretion

3. all sessions will be documented and held confidential, clients can request session notes by submitting a written request, and within 7 business days documentation will be shared with clients.


Minors and Confidentiality

Communications between counsellors and clients who are minors (under the age of 18) are confidential. However, parents and other guardians who provide authorizations for their child’s treatment are often involved in their treatment. Also, in the exercise of professional judgement we may discuss treatment progress of a minor client with parent or guardian.



Electronic communications, both telephone and Internet (email, zoom, wix or teams) are not 100% secure methods of communication, and there is some risk that an individual’s confidentiality could be compromised with their use. Clients are requested to communicate only using the authorized communication channels. If clients have a communication preference it is client’s responsibility to inform their counsellor. As a policy,

  1. we do not engage in chat discussions about the therapy or client condition on WhatsApp.

  2. we ensure client documentations are secured and accessible only to those within our team who require to refer it for reviewing of the case and recommending next steps only.

  3. these documentations are not  accessible to administrative team and are shared with authorized counselors and therapists, when necessary. 

  4. our client facing email ID is accessed by counselors and therapists only 

  5. individual or group counseling or therapy sessions are not recorded 

  6. for direct communication with your counselor/Therapist, clients and counselors are required to use confidential and hidden groups that are specifically created with access to only the client and the counselor. 

  7. exchanging constant numbers with the counselor/therapist and or connecting with them through other channels is against our policy and is considered as a breach of our privacy agreement.

  8. support group sessions are also not recorded neither documented.

  9. virtual workshops that are open for anyone to enroll, are accessible only by the target audience (example - teenagers, adults, pregnant women etc.). These workshops may be recorded for internal training and quality purposes. 

  10. any client specific individual information shared during these discussions are not shared or reproduced in any platform whatsoever.

  11. we document, share and publish client testimonials anonymously with client's consent. we do not share details or information that may even be remotely revealing a client's identity. 

  12. group discussions on our closed groups are only limited to the pre-approved group participants. Any examples, experiences or information shared in closed groups are not accessible to anyone outside the group and are not shared or reproduced for any purpose whatsoever unless these are testimonials, feedback and suggestions or recommendations. 

Cancellation Policy


Clients should not miss any of the scheduled appointments as far as possible. The session time is reserved for the client and we are rarely able to fill a cancelled session unless known far in advance. In unforeseen situations, client must cancel giving us at least 24hour notice.


We are also unable to extend time if the client is late to the appointments. This ensures services are provided on time and available to all clients. Exceptions to this policy may be made in the instance of a serious medical emergency, or serious family emergency.




If you need to contact us, please leave a WhatsApp message, email or voice note. We check messages frequently and strive to get back to you at the earliest. You may also message us or drop us a note through the chat option on our website and one of our available counselors will respond at the earliest. 




Most of our clients see us on a weekly recurring basis. After that time, depending on client’s progress we meet less often until eventually sessions come to an end. The process of ending such sessions is called “termination.” Stopping sessions should not be done casually, although either of us may decide to end it if we believe it is in the client's best interest. If the client wishes to stop sessions any time, we ask that the client agrees to meet for at least one more session to review our work together. This last session will give us the opportunity to review identified goals, the work we have done, and any future work that needs to be completed, along with client's choices for next steps. 

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