Sleeping for a Healthy Life

One of the most essential needs of any living being is a good quality sleep. With the rising stress levels, I hear many struggling with getting a good night sleep.

Not very long ago, I was there too. Here are some steps I took to self heal my sleeplessness and other sleep issues. Sharing a few of these steps with you all.

1. Hygiene - cleanliness has a big role to play. Ensure your sheets, your room and you yourself are clean right before bedtime.

2. Calm body - you can either use a good healing scented soap, scrub or body wash to have a hot water bath, or light a scented candle in your room. You can also use a room fresher or just a perfume of your choice. The important thing is to find the scent or fragrance that calms you down.

3. Calm mind - deep breathing is the best method to calm an active brain. Simply close your eyes and do slow rhythmic deep breathing for 5 to 10 minutes. Writing also induces calm in the otherwise hyper active mind. It allows you to vent your thoughts on paper and empty your mind. Looking at the next day’s schedule and mentally preparing for it, helps me immensely.

4. Time - though very difficult these days, and I myself am unable to follow this always, but sleeping at the same time every day also helps. It trains our mind and body to start getting into sleep mode when its sleep time.

5. Gratitude - one of the prime reasons of an anxious mind is the fear of tomorrow. Gratitude towards every small thing you have been blessed with, allows you to let go and surrender. It will enable you to embrace every single day with the same energy. Thereby reducing anxiety of the future. I like to write my gratitude journal everyday before bed time.

Hope you find these useful. Do share your comments on this and also on other steps you take to get a good night sleep every night.