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At LoveLiveLearn, we are proud of a team that aligns beautifully on our vision, our principles and our purpose together. Each of us being equally committed and engaged in showing awareness about Mental Wellness and contributing towards the betterment of mental health conditions in all age groups.

All About Us

Our Vision is to become the primary provider for mental health concerns, and that of mental health and holistic wellness services.                            

Our Mission

- Through advocacy raise awareness about emotional and physical well-being.

- Make mental health support accessible and available beyond for all 

Our Governing Principles

1) Be nonjudgmental

2) Practice empathetic listening

3) Maintain confidentiality

4) Use a client centered approach

5) Maintain professional boundaries

6) Practice mutual respect

7) Practice diversity and inclusion

8) Deliver services consistently

9) Stay committed to client care

10) Avoid negative bias when providing service

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