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We at LoveLiveLearn, are committed to making mental health awareness a normal living room conversation by breaking the stigma that still exits. We acknowledge and appreciate the fact that mental health needs, vary for every single individual and must be supported accordingly. Having said that, it is nearly impossible for an organization of large scale and scope, to cater to individual needs. We therefore offer a mid-path solution which will provide customized services and solutions as per the needs of the collective human capital of your organization. 


Our team consists of Coaches, Counseling Psychologists and Clinical Therapists who bring together a collective experience of 50+ years. We specialize in positive parenting, emotional intelligence, academic counseling, stress and anxiety management, trauma healing, relationship and family therapy, financial wellness, Gratitude, mindfulness and many more. You may review the complete profile of our team here.

Mental wellness is gradually becoming a natural part of holistic wellness and rightfully so. If your organization is looking to get started with bringing this aspect into your employee engagement and benefits goals, reach out to us. We will be glad to assit you in creating a unique plan that suits your organization the best. Alternatively, pick and choose any of the following offerings and connect with us. Let us together, make Mental Wellness as important as physical wellness. 

Our Offerings


Annual Wellness Goal Setting

Goal Setting is not simply about creating a task list and going through the days making check box progress. It is much more than that.

A holistic wellness goal setting involves identifying our top priorities in life, ascertaining the most essential annual goals for each of these priorities, identifying the motivators and barriers and working through a structured approach through to the weekly focus. This approach enables individuals bring balance in life, amongst all the roles they play, work on their goals on each of these roles and make collective progress making them feel more productive and lead a complete life.


Impact of Positive Mindset on Productivity

Ever wondered where does the worry of limitations, hurdles and challenges come from?

How does the same thing appears as a challenge to one and an opportunity to another?


All hurdles, all challenges, all limitations arise from our mind and can be erased from right there. A positive mindset helps you train your brain to look for opportunities in every situation. Optimism vs Pessimism is not black and white. There is realism and realistic optimism is a protective function that allows a person to stay optimistic while accepting the reality of difficult situations.


Overthinking and its side effects at workplace

Your colleague comes up to your desk/drops you a message that your manager wants to talk to you. You receive a cryptic message on the work group chat about revised job responsibilities or so. You have been given the opportunity to present the project you are heading in front of your company's senior management.

You are standing in front of the mirror deciding on your first work day outfit.


Even as you read through these situations, is your mind already building on multiple scenarios, each more anxiety-invoking than the other? This is how overthinking in a workplace looks like Overthinking is so subtle yet so common in workplace settings. It can impact your confidence, performance, professionalism and even your relationships in the setting.


The journey from this mindless overthinking to mindfulness is empowering and insightful one. It can help you navigate through difficulties and stressful situations and give your best without having to worry about burnout.


Anger Management at workplace

Workplace anger management training can help employees learn the skills needed to effectively communicate, listen, most importantly use empathy, and different ways to handle and diffuse conflicts, and stressful situations.


Whilst employees are taught how to effectively manage their stress, resolve conflict, and promote respect for one another, management will learn how to create a safer environment, identify red flags or potential conflicts and diffuse them through interactive discussions.


This enables to create a work environment that is inclusive and supportive or each other. This will model positive attitudes and behaviors and an overall improvement in staff morale and any interruptions in daily operations.


Emotional Awareness at workplace

Emotional quotient (EQ) or emotional intelligence (EI) is as important as Intelligence quotient (IQ) if not more. Being able to understand the other persons emotions and being able to understand your own emotions can give you the ability to be successful at work.


Having an awareness about how you feel and hence how you think, can help you face challenges and understand your own strengths and growth opportunities. Emotional awareness is a very important aspect of leadership quality, reducing workplace conflicts, having increased job satisfaction and employee retention.


People in tune with your own emotions can work better in a group, they can make independent and confident choices, they are better equipped to make sound decisions that benefit them and the organization. These people can also create an enhanced customer experience, help identify roadblocks and overcome these roadblocks thus also reducing stress at work.


Mindfulness & Meditation

The origins of meditation can be dated back to thousands of years. It is a state of heightened awareness and focused attention. Practice of mindfulness is a type of meditation which focuses on paying attention to the present. When used correctly, these techniques can reduce stress, improve productivity at work, enhance personal well-being and relationships.


Regular practice can reduce high blood pressure and heart rate, decrease anxiety, help deal with emotional and physical pain, improve sleep quality, address disorders like eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders, depression and ADHD. It can also help in overcoming negative thinking pattern and distorted thinking. Thus helping us lead a better quality of life.

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We welcome your collaboration and look forward to cater to the wellness goals of your esteemed organization. Leave us your contact details and a high level synopsis of your wellness needs and we shall get back to you with to initiate further consulting conversations and agreement. 

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