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Ankita Rathore

Sr. Counsellor and Wellness Therapist 

Certified Counselling Psychologist. Holistic Wellness Therapist. Relationship Coach. Mental health Advocate. Training Educator for Professional Development

I am a listener who loves helping clients who are struggling to find a way out.


When I was a child, I always wanted someone to listen to me. I found it difficult to come across such people, so I decided to be one.

I believe in an empathetic understanding for my clients as I feel it’s important to build an emotional awareness when you’re looking to help.

My sessions offer a counselling space where clients can vent their emotions and discover a plan of action for themselves through the therapy process. The sessions are always client centered as I relate to the humanistic approach. I focus on holistic care and wellness for all. 

Apart from being a therapist, I am also a mental health advocate who loves spreading awareness and positivity. I have conducted several sessions regarding the same!

Credentials: Postgraduate in Psychology from University of Delhi with a specialized training in Guidance and Counselling. Working experience of 5+ years in the field. Dealt with Indian as well as International Cases. 

Major Areas- Depression and Anxiety, Trauma and Grief, Emotion Dysregulation, Relationship Issues, Stress and Stress Management, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Eating Disorders, Adolescent Counselling and Adult Counselling and Therapy


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