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Counseling Psychologist & Therapist

Certified couples and family therapist
Trained in Positive Psychology, Child Counseling and Transactional Analysis 

Specializes in Therapy for adults, couples, teenagers. Focus on self-reflection and growth. Working on overthinking and struggle with emotions. Stress management and Anger management.

I primarily uphold the fundamentals of empathy and client centeredness in my work in the therapeutic space and then move through various therapy modalities and schools to give the best to my clients. My sessions are usually filled with reflections, activities and humor. Having worked with a varied population and constantly focusing on upskilling myself, I strive towards bringing in new perspectives and ideas and work towards holistic wellbeing with my clients. 
I strongly believe in mental health checkups and upholding self compassion. The space I share with my clients is one I cherish a lot and often take something away from.


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