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Anamika Khanna a.k.a. Ariana

Founder/ Counselor
Certified Counseling Psychologist, Certified Animal Communicator, Certified Corporate Coach, Practitioner of 'Emotional Intelligence',  '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' and 'Positive Intelligence'.

I am working professional, dedicating my weekends for counseling sessions with an ambition to help those who need them the most.

Between beginning to feel inexplicable emotional imbalance and being diagnosed with a clinical condition, there is a space. This space I believe, if used effectively, can help retain the emotional balance and improve things. This is the mission I am on. I have been fortunate to enable multiple people learn more about themselves, alter mindsets and perspectives, bring balance to their emotions through cognitive behavior therapy, Gratitude, Mindfulness and meditations. I now have 8 + years of informal counseling experience, 2 + years of formal counseling and multiple testimonials. 

Specialist in  - Gratitude, Mindfulness, Emotional Balance and Stability, Forgiveness, Inner Peace.

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